That’s sounds long… but we have been doing it since we were young. With marketing, technical and sales experience of over 12 years we are still learning everyday and continuously looking for cool products to import and sell to athletes wanting to push the limits….in a legal way.

Dawid Visser
CEO / Founder

12 years industry experience, grew up in a sporting household, ex-track runner, road runner, duathlete, triathlete….a lot of ex`s- there, now just runs trail…mostly. Sunglass and shoe fetish, likes red and camo stuff…

Dr. Yolandi Visser

The real boss…sporting wife, paediatrician, probably working harder in her real job than the boys in this office 😉

Always positive and lending some supportive encouragement.

rohan kennedy
brand manager

Still races like it’s the 1980`s since he got out dippers, duathlete, triathlete and  trail runner. Knows all the gossip in the industry and everyone knows him. 10+ years of sales experience, can sell ice to an eskimo.